Mobile POS Growth: Steady, But Not Staggering

Epson’s front-row seat to mobile deployment indicates steady adoption, with a coming boost from the proliferation of cloud applications.

  • Home Depot Buys Repair-Products Marketer Interline Brands For $1.63 Billion
    Home Depot Buys Repair-Products Marketer Interline Brands For $1.63 Billion

    Acquisition positions retailer to leverage multifamily housing growth.

  • Google Expanding Options That Will Help Boost Sales For Retailers
    Google Expanding Options That Will Help Boost Sales For Retailers

    Buy Button, beacon technology among their latest ventures.

  •  Survey Shows How Consumers View Mobile Shopping
    Survey Shows How Consumers View Mobile Shopping

    Synchrony Financial, a consumer financial services company, recently announced the results of their 2015 Digital Study, which was focused on how consumers view mobile shopping. The final data shows retailers need to focus on mobile optimization for improved engagement and positive customer experiences. Nearly 7,000 Synchrony Bank cardholders and randomly-chosen shoppers throughout the country were questioned about their view of mobile shopping, what they expect from the experience, and how they currently use mobile devices in the purchase decisions.

  • For Back-to-School, It's All About Omni-Channel
    For Back-to-School, It's All About Omni-Channel

    School may not be in session just yet, but many consumers are already preparing to stock up for the upcoming school year. In the pursuit of parents' dollars, omni-channel retailing is proving a hot strategy this school year as JCPenney and WallFlower Jeans launch their respective omni-channel experiences to connect to consumers, and back-to-school shoppers share their plans for retail in a new National Retail Federation survey.

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  • BCBG Enhances Its Omni-Channel Strategy
    BCBG Enhances Its Omni-Channel Strategy

    Here’s how a leading fashion retailer relies on a cloud-based enterprise commerce solution to improve the in-store experience and drive its overall omni-channel strategy.

  • Personalization, Mobilization, And The Fight To Not Be Creepy
    Personalization, Mobilization, And The Fight To Not Be Creepy

    I know you really like chocolate. Heck, you ate $10 dollars worth last Saturday. So because I value you and put you first above all others, I went ahead and filled a basket with nothing but chocolate. Don’t worry; I have coupons, and I’ll use the credit card you used last Thursday. I’ll meet you by your car, unless you want me to just meet you at your house.

  • Ulta Beauty’s Quest For The Ultimate Omni-Channel Experience
    Ulta Beauty’s Quest For The Ultimate Omni-Channel Experience

    Almost two years after an intensive e-commerce upgrade, Ulta Beauty is making steady progress toward its goal of reaching 10% of total sales via the Internet — a major milestone in the cosmetics segment.

  • The Many Forms Of Innovation
    The Many Forms Of Innovation

    Innovation happens in real time, in real stores, and when it fails, it fails fast and cheap by design.

  • Preparing For The Extended Peak Season
    Preparing For The Extended Peak Season

    For retailers, the competitive holiday season starts a little earlier every year. Here’s what Hallmark Business Connections is doing to prepare its retail communities.

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Omni-Channel: Shoppers' Expectations, Retailers' Responsibilities Cutting-Edge Supply Chain Strategies: Omni-Channel's Next Big Thing Tech Spending 2015: The Any-Channel Revolution Takes Shape
Omni-Channel Retail Supplement Omni-Channel Supply Chain Tech Spending 2015
Consumers’ growing acceptance of mobile commerce and high expectations for seamless shopping and fulfillment experiences are putting unprecedented pressure on retailers to perform. Consumer expectations of a seamless omni-channel experience are reinventing the supply chain. In 2014, retail investments focused on the consumer experience. In 2015, retail technology spending will meet shoppers’ collective calls for seamless engagement in any channel.

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  • The Missing Link In Omni-Channel Fulfillment: Mobile Work Execution
    The Missing Link In Omni-Channel Fulfillment: Mobile Work Execution

    For success in omni-channel retailers have to deliver the right product at the right time, through multiple channels, at the best possible cost. This places all-new demands on stores as fulfillment and return points, and creates new pressures on distribution centers (DCs) to adapt their existing fulfillment and returns processes. Many retailers are meeting the challenge through manual work-arounds that are unsustainable. This three-part series will focus on how retailers can optimize and evolve manual processes, both in the DC and in-store, using mobile work execution solutions.

  • How Clienteling Improves the In-Store Experience
    How Clienteling Improves the In-Store Experience

    Today’s customers expect retailers to be able to provide them with a highly personalized omnichannel shopping experience based on who they are and their shopping and buying habits and history.

  • Staying ACA Compliant With Workforce Management Systems
    Staying ACA Compliant With Workforce Management Systems

    Public healthcare reform has been among the major political debates of the past decade, and the U.S. government has taken recent steps to provide more coverage options for eligible Americans with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). For business leaders the current legislation outlined by the ACA has instituted health insurance requirements for workforces over a certain size, giving organizations additional rules to abide by in order to stay compliant and avoid fines.

  • Mobility, Compliance, And ROI: Getting The Most From Your WFM Solution
    Mobility, Compliance, And ROI: Getting The Most From Your WFM Solution

    Studies continue to show that positive employee engagement is a key factor in promoting sales growth, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced turnover. So why is it not a bigger priority for many companies?

  • With Big Data and Analytical Tools In Hand, The Challenge Is Human For E-Retailers
    With Big Data and Analytical Tools In Hand, The Challenge Is Human For E-Retailers

    The world’s leading e-retailers now understand the promise of big data and analytics. They know competitors are finding insights and making advances, and many have seen their own pilot projects deliver measurable gains in marketing efficiency, customer loyalty, sales or margins.

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  • Scheduling Fairness: 4 Strategies For Success

    If new scheduling optimization applications encourage flexibility and fairness, why are retailers suffering so much negative scheduling press? The issue is less about technology than it is about process and management.

  • The Changing Role Of Stores In Meeting Consumer Demand

    Learn how omnichannel retailers are meeting order expectations by leveraging store networks for fulfillment — and how smart logistical execution is helping retailers mitigate markdowns and preserve margins.

  • Fix Overtime In No Time!

    New overtime regulations proposed by the Department of Labor are putting retailers in a tough spot. How can businesses manage labor costs, comply with regulations, and keep costs down?

  • Retail Mobility Problems: The Symptom, Cause, And Treatment

    Retail operations are complicated systems that require constant attention. Experienced professionals understand that getting even the smallest parts of operations right can mean the difference between success and failure. In today’s retail landscape, it’s important for stores to be as lean and productive as possible. A common technique for maximizing productivity is arming employees with the tools they need to be successful, including mobile devices. But, what happens when these tools are underperforming?

  • Hardware Co-Op Builds Better Service With Lucas Systems

    Do it Best Delivers More Accurate, Efficient Order Fulfillment with a Lucas Mobile Work Execution System Featuring the Jennifer™ Mobile Multi-Modal Picking Application.

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  • EarthLink

    A wave of innovation in retail technology provides opportunities to enhance the way your customers engage while increasing employee productivity and strengthening PCI compliance. But how do you upgrade your stores without driving up costs? EarthLink Business® can help you get more from your IT and communications infrastructure with solutions tailored to store size, application needs and seasonal changes.

  • OPEX Corporation
    OPEX Corporation

    OPEX is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service throughout the product life-cycle. We control all aspects of production. Every product is designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested in our U.S. facilities by our own dedicated employees.

  • SATO America
    SATO America

    Today, SATO continues its tradition of designing and manufacturing high-quality industrial printers that deliver reliable performance with each print job.

  • Honeywell

    Established in 1972, Honeywell Scanning and Mobility is a leading manufacturer of data collection and communication products designed specifically for mobile, on-site, and transaction processing applications.

  • March Networks
    March Networks

    At March Networks, we believe in simple, easy-to-use video surveillance systems that help retailers decrease losses and increase profits.

  • UPS

    UPS is the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. The company provides convenient, flexible solutions to help e-commerce customers enhance the online shopping experience.

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  • Why SMRs Compete On Service
    Why SMRs Compete On Service

    Why do SMRs compete on service? Because they have to. If you’re a small to midsize retailer, you probably can’t compete with the big boxes on product and price, but you can compete (and win) on service. Yet, service goes beyond the knowledgeable, friendly associate, a user-friendly e-commerce site, and call center known for its speedy problem solving capabilities. Immense amounts of valuable data are available to SMRs that can help them better understand their best customers and better understand why they’re unable to drive others to conversion.

Takeaways From NRF Protect 2015

Long Beach, CA was the sunny setting for this year’s NRF Protect 2015 Loss Prevention Conference & EXPO. Retail loss prevention and asset protection (AP) professionals gathered to learn about and combat today’s — and tomorrow’s — top security and safety concerns. From the significance of the Internet of Things (IoT) to cybercrime to return fraud to securing the supply chain, NRF Protect left no timely topic untouched.

Test, Measure, Repeat, Succeed—In Stores

When e-commerce really started to take off a few years back, it didn’t take cross-channel retailers long to realize the incredible value of the channel’s traceability. Behind the scenes, e-commerce site data—down to the click—was analyzed and scrutinized like a UFO at Area 51. Data scientists in lab coats crunched numbers and ran A/B tests under the watchful eyes of suit-clad executives, all unbeknownst to the customer. And thus, in a matter of months, the retail industry learned more about consumer demand patterns than it had in a hundred years.

Coming Soon: Innovative Retail Technologies

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been covering innovation in retail extensively over the past several months. That’s by design, and we have you, our dedicated readers, to thank. You’re in the throes of experiencing the retail’s industry’s evolution, and so are we.

EMV Isn’t For Everyone

I’ll admit that I’m growing a little weary of writing and talking about EMV. Maybe you’re getting even a little more tired of reading and hearing about it. But, bear with me for a minute. I’m not going to try to sell you anything, or persuade you with fear, uncertainty and doubt.

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THE TOP 10 OF 2014

ISR Top 10 Of 2014


  • The Home Depot Announced Agreement To Acquire Interline Brands

     The Home Depot, the largest retailer in the world of home improvement items, today announced its participation in a definitive agreement to acquire Interline Brands, Inc., a national leader in the distribution sector and direct marketing of products for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) range with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

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  • Incentive Comp In Retail: 5 Bottom-Line Benefits

    Among all the facets of retailing, employee motivation is one of the most important and manageable factors for success and profitability. A disgruntled sales associate is unlikely to connect well with customers. Retailers looking to increase wallet share and drive desired behavior such as increased cross sell/up sell opportunities, improved customer service and customer retention rely on incentive comp plans and strategies.

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eTail East 2015

August 10 - 13, 2015
Boston, MA

Retail Delivery Connect

August 24 - 26, 2015
Miami, FL

Retail Delivery Connect

August 24 - 26, 2015
Miami, FL

2015 Mobile Payments Conference

August 31, 2015 - September 2, 2015
Chicago, IL

2015 Mobile Payments Conference

August 31, 2015 - September 2, 2015
Chicago, IL
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  • MegaPX 360 Indoor Dome IP Camera
    MegaPX 360 Indoor Dome IP Camera

    Reduce the number of cameras you install and maintain with the MegaPX 360 Indoor Dome.

  • Celerant Command Retail Integrated E-Commerce
    Celerant Command Retail Integrated E-Commerce Celerant Technology offers integrated, sophisticated Web sites that expertly manage and publish inventory directly from your Celerant Command Retail system. Whether your Website is professionally designed by one of our specialists or you choose to keep the same look and feel of your current Website, import tools are available to migrate from an existing site, with no manual labor required.
  • Financials

    NetSuite financials software accelerates your financial close, provides strong expense management, offers streamlined and auditable revenue management and ensures complete real-time visibility into the financial performance of the entire business.

  • Transportation And Delivery Services
    Transportation And Delivery Services

    Your goal is gaining customer loyalty and driving repeat business. And to reach that goal you've got to provide a superior customer experience. Optimize the breadth and strength of logistics, and we'll help you get more flexibility, more savings, and more satisfied customers.

  • Microsoft Windows Counter Display
    Microsoft Windows Counter Display

    Placed in key international retail store locations the Microsoft Windows Phone interactive display fixture informs and educates consumers on the features and benefits of the new Windows Phone 7 operating system available today in the recently launched next generation of mobile smartphones.

  • SATO Handheld Labeler
    SATO Handheld Labeler

    SATO/Meto offers a variety of one, two and three line Hand-Held Labeling Systems, ideal for low and high-volume users. They allow you to mark thousands of items quickly and reliably. Used for most merchandising and coding applications, they are available in a variety of choices that will suit every customer need. The applications are endless.

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