Ascena Retail Group To Buy Ann Taylor

Ascena Retail Group, the parent company of Lane Bryant and several other women's apparel brands, will buy Ann Taylor and LOFT for $2 billion from Ann Inc. The deal was announced Monday, and will bring Ascena Retail Group's apparel empire to a combined 4,900 stores located throughout the world.

  • Study Shows Digital Influence On Retail Growing At Rapid Pace
    Study Shows Digital Influence On Retail Growing At Rapid Pace

    Capitalizing on digital influence in retail.

  • Home Depot To Officially Add Apple Pay
    Home Depot To Officially Add Apple Pay

    It was inaccurately reported that Home Depot dropped Apple Pay support earlier this week, however, the retailer has plans to accept it soon, according to a report from Bloomberg.

  • Sally Beauty Investigating New Breach
    Sally Beauty Investigating New Breach

    Sally Beauty Holdings has suffered a new security breach for cards used at their U.S. Sally Beauty stores, the retailer confirmed via a statement on May 4, 2015. Investigation into the breach is currently underway and Sally Beauty will update their customers with any issues or further concerns that may arise. The breach was described as “unusual activity involving payment cards” in the statement. Sally Beauty is currently working with law enforcement and their credit card processor, as well as a third-party forensics expert, to determine the depth of the breach and gather facts.

  • Nordstrom Tests Curbside Pickup in 20 Stores
    Nordstrom Tests Curbside Pickup in 20 Stores

    Retailer Nordstrom has just begun testing new pick-up options for its customers, with 20 stores offering a new curbside pickup option for purchases made online. With the new service, customers are able to drive to their nearby store, and receive their purchases without even leaving their car. Nordstrom currently has the “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store” option for their customers, but like many retailers, is exploring the possibility of curbside pickup. The option is currently being tested at the recently-remodeled downtown Seattle store. A full list of the pilot stores isn't available at this time, but it's safe to assume the option is likely near the retailer's flagship stores.

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Omni-Channel: Shoppers' Expectations, Retailers' Responsibilities Cutting-Edge Supply Chain Strategies: Omni-Channel's Next Big Thing Tech Spending 2015: The Any-Channel Revolution Takes Shape
Omni-Channel Retail Supplement Omni-Channel Supply Chain Tech Spending 2015
Consumers’ growing acceptance of mobile commerce and high expectations for seamless shopping and fulfillment experiences are putting unprecedented pressure on retailers to perform. Consumer expectations of a seamless omni-channel experience are reinventing the supply chain. In 2014, retail investments focused on the consumer experience. In 2015, retail technology spending will meet shoppers’ collective calls for seamless engagement in any channel.

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  • Summer’s Here - So Let’s Think About The Holidays!
    Summer’s Here - So Let’s Think About The Holidays!

    Gary Whittemore is Global Sales and Marketing Director at Experian FootFall

  • What’s The Best Model For Building An Agile International Business?
    What’s The Best Model For Building An Agile International Business?

    Competition has pushed the boundaries of retail quite literally in new directions. Saturation in developed markets is driving retailers to find new, untapped resources for profit growth; recent Euromonitor statistics revealed that while mature markets represent 58% of global retail sales, the market only grew by 2% between 2013 and 2014.

  • Why You Need A Second Source For Mobile Power
    Why You Need A Second Source For Mobile Power

    Just when you thought batteries and chargers weren’t sexy. Retailers don’t tend to think about batteries until it’s too late. Talk to anyone inside the enterprise who’s experienced a productivity stand-still due to a powerless mobile device, and you’ll quickly understand the need for a second source for mobile power. Yet, some retailers are concerned about voiding warranties. GTS’ Kadie Barrington talks to Erin Harris about why a second source provider for mobile power is absolutely critical to your business.

  • 4 Ways Retailers Can Leverage Big Data And Edge Analytics For Success
    4 Ways Retailers Can Leverage Big Data And Edge Analytics For Success

    Leading retailers are leveraging Big Data and edge analytics to improve customer experience and operational efficiency, while increasing sales. A tremendous volume of data can be generated every second in the retail industry, much of it from traditional sources such as transaction logs and inventory scans, as well as new sources of sensor data such as cameras in parking lots, sensors on shopping carts, beacons throughout the store, the retailer’s in-store Wi-Fi network, apps on consumers’ mobile phones and more.

  • Why Consumers’ Reshaped Shopping Journeys Require A ‘Back To Basics’ Retail Strategy
    Why Consumers’ Reshaped Shopping Journeys Require A ‘Back To Basics’ Retail Strategy

    It’s no overstatement to say that the roadmap of consumers’ shopping journeys has shifted radically in recent years – and that these journeys continue to change shape as new personal technologies and apps, accompanied by an avalanche of data, are adopted by shoppers worldwide. To take just one example, Oracle’s research reveals that when faced with an out-of-stock situation, 92% of consumers will not wait for a desired product to come into stock. Instead they will find an alternate source for purchase, including buying the item directly from the brand manufacturer.

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  • Enterprise Mobility In An Omnichannel World

    These days, businesses use more mobile devices and handheld computers than ever before. Enterprises rely on these devices to provide the data they need to operate intelligently and efficiently. The growth in enterprise mobility is directly related to the need to adopt omnichannel strategies.

  • Mythbusting In The Warehouse: Three Things To Know About Voice-WMS Integration

    One of the first things people ask when investigating voice picking and other mobile applications for their DC is “how will the new applications work with my existing systems?” This paper addresses three of the common myths and misperceptions about adding new mobile applications to existing host or warehouse management systems (WMS).

  • Smart Print Engines Solve Problems: Key Considerations For Selecting The Right One

    The print engine is the heart of any print-and-apply labeling system, and selecting the right one for your application can mean the difference between a successful installation and one that causes costly downtime because of mechanical failures or print quality issues.

  • Best Practices Of Using Real-Time Traffic Reporting At Crate And Barrel

    Crate and Barrel is an industry leading multi-channel home furnishings specialty retailer, known for its exclusive housewares and furniture designs. In addition to a thriving direct marketing division that services more than 90 countries, the company operates stores in most major North American markets as well as international franchise locations in Dubai, Singapore and Mexico.

  • Leveraging Mobile To Drive Omni-Channel Retailing

    There’s no denying that mobile technology has a significant impact on the omni-channel retailing and shopping experience. Purchasing a product with a personal device is fast and convenient – two key factors that motivate today’s shopper.

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  • Lucas Systems, Inc.
    Lucas Systems, Inc.

    Since 1998, Lucas Systems has been helping retail fulfillment centers improve hands-on processes and workflows without changing their WMS systems. DCs using Jennifer mobile applications average 36 percent gains in picking productivity.

  • Compliance Networks
    Compliance Networks

    Compliance Networks is a leading provider of solutions to the retail supply chain that enable enterprises to optimize flow within their supply chain and make informed decisions that ultimately increase shareholder value.

  • ShopperTrak

    Since 1993, ShopperTrak has been helping retailers, malls and entertainment venues around the globe learn who is coming in their doors, where they’re going, and how to make the most of that information.

  • Ceridian

    Dayforce makes live, interactive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) an integral part of the workforce management process. For your managers, this means the confidence of having the right information in the right context. For your company, it means less paid manager time on workforce processes and better, more consistent decision-making aligned with corporate priorities.

  • Honeywell

    Established in 1972, Honeywell Scanning and Mobility is a leading manufacturer of data collection and communication products designed specifically for mobile, on-site, and transaction processing applications.

  • SATO America
    SATO America

    Today, SATO continues its tradition of designing and manufacturing high-quality industrial printers that deliver reliable performance with each print job.

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  • Four Keys To Profitable Fulfillment
    Four Keys To Profitable Fulfillment

    I was in Phoenix last week for Momentum, Manhattan Associates’ annual user conference. The historically supply chain-centric company’s continued press into the store was on full display. Several educational sessions, for instance, focused on in-store mobile applications enabled by Manhattan’s recent acquisition of Global Bay.

SuiteWorld 2015: Disrupt Or Be Disrupted

That was one of the main tenets of NetSuite’s SuiteWorld event held recently in San Jose. Fresh off its Bronto acquisition announcement, NetSuite released additional big news at the show, including its newest customers, American Express Global Travel and Qlik. 

Omni-Channel Rocks, But Where’s The Profit?

It appears that the omni-channel imperative has brought big trouble to the CFO’s office.

Fail Fast, Fail Cheap

There are three indisputable facts about the Retail industry.

The Age Of The Self-Service Customer Experience

A few recent surveys conducted by Forrester collectively reveal just how important digital self-service tools are for retailers seeking to offer customer service excellence. They also reveal the demise of in-store retail customer service.

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THE TOP 10 OF 2014

ISR Top 10 Of 2014


  • DC Process Optimization Beyond The WMS

    This informative, case-study driven webinar will explore how DCs can reengineer processes and workflows without changing WMS or host systems by using Mobile Work Execution Solutions and mobile voice-directed applications. We will share real-world examples of how other DCs have dramatically improved the efficiency of hands-on tasks far beyond what is possible by simply voice-enabling existing WMS-driven workflows. This fast-paced 20-minute presentation will be followed by an online Q&A.

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  • 3 Key Messages About Retail Innovation

    Listen in as Shoppertrak’s Chief Product Officer, Chetan Ghai, talks to ISR’s Executive Editor, Erin Harris about the three things retailers need to know about innovation adoption. Ghai also explains the company’s new San Francisco-based Innovation Center, which fosters innovative technologies and the next-gen ideas coming out of Silicon Valley to help retailers drive their business and understand their shoppers in better detail.

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eTail East 2015

August 10 - 13, 2015
Boston, MA

Retail Delivery Connect

August 24 - 26, 2015
Miami, FL

Retail Delivery Connect

August 24 - 26, 2015
Miami, FL

2015 Mobile Payments Conference

August 31, 2015 - September 2, 2015
Chicago, IL

2015 Mobile Payments Conference

August 31, 2015 - September 2, 2015
Chicago, IL
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  • NetSuite Retail POS
    NetSuite Retail POS

    Today’s consumers move fluidly across shopping channels, from in-store to online over a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. And they want a consistent and relevant brand experience regardless of the channel. Yet the vast majority of transactions still take place in person, making the point of sale (POS) a vital piece of the customer experience.

  • GTS Test & Replace Service
    GTS Test & Replace Service

    Unhealthy batteries are impacting your bottom line everyday. Test & Replace eliminates the negative financial impacts of unhealthy batteries.

  • Celerant Command Retail Integrated E-Commerce
    Celerant Command Retail Integrated E-Commerce Celerant Technology offers integrated, sophisticated Web sites that expertly manage and publish inventory directly from your Celerant Command Retail system. Whether your Website is professionally designed by one of our specialists or you choose to keep the same look and feel of your current Website, import tools are available to migrate from an existing site, with no manual labor required.
  • AccuTouch Terminal
    AccuTouch Terminal

    Dirty fingerprints, dry fingerprints, wet fingerprints, damaged fingerprints... in the real world nearly any fingerprint condition can be quickly read by the Maximus AccuTouch workforce management solution.

  • Transportation And Delivery Services
    Transportation And Delivery Services

    Your goal is gaining customer loyalty and driving repeat business. And to reach that goal you've got to provide a superior customer experience. Optimize the breadth and strength of logistics, and we'll help you get more flexibility, more savings, and more satisfied customers.

  • Honeywell Data Collection Retailing Solutions
    Honeywell Data Collection Retailing Solutions

    Honeywell understands your retailing needs. By combining advanced imaging technology, like Adaptus 5.5, with powerful wireless communications and support services, our mobile computers; hand-held; hands-free; and bioptic scanners deliver everything you could ask for in a technology investment. These solutions can help you find new ways to increase your productivity, sales, and earnings.

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