Cross-Channel Executive Commentary

  1. Merge The Physical And Digital With Order Management

    In today's omnichannel world, customers no longer differentiate between online and in-store experiences. To attract and retain today’s empowered shoppers, retailers must blend the physical and digital worlds into a seamless omnichannel commerce experience that offers buy anywhere, fulfill from anywhere and return anywhere flexibility. 

  2. Go Big With Big Data Marketing Or Go Home: 10 Predictions For Retailers In 2014

    Big data isn’t going anywhere in 2014. And if you’re a mid-market retailer, this is certainly going to be a revolutionary year in the industry.

  3. Understanding The Emerging Omniconsumer

    The mobile revolution is affecting consumers across the board, but younger consumers are embracing mobile technology—and in many ways, leading that revolution.

  4. Back To Front, Technology Is The Glue

    You don’t need to work for Microsoft to notice the impact technology is having on the retail market. Consumers have more information than store associates, store associates are looking to use mobile devices, and there is more data than ever available on shopping behavior.  Technology has empowered the consumer with choices and insight, and retailers must keep up with their customers’ expectations.

  5. Personalization: The Next Big Thing In Mobile Apps

    Mobile traffic is up more than 70 percent year over year. Users spend 80 percent of their time online on mobile devices using native apps. And eMarketer predicts that retail mobile commerce sales will reach nearly $42 billion in 2013, and will exceed $110 billion by 2017

  6. Attention Online Retailers: Are You Ready for Cyber Monday? Here Are Seven Tips to Make Sure You Are.

    As the retail industry gears up for its biggest season, online retailers need to not only make sure they have the best deals and products to attract consumers, but they also need to make sure they’re prepared for the influx of traffic they hope to see on Cyber Monday. Because, let’s face it…if they are not, it doesn’t matter how good those deals are.

  7. Creating Customer Loyalty Through Data Quality

    Today’s retail market is more complex, more dynamic and more competitive than ever before.  Retailers are under intense pressure to constantly differentiate themselves from the competition while meeting the needs of customers who are knowledgeable, empowered and increasingly tech-savvy thanks to the proliferation of mobile technology and social media.

  8. Four Benefits Of Omni-Channel Retailing

    If you’re a retail executive working to implement borderless omni-channel strategies, you may feel a little like an aerosol can left out on the pavement on a hot summer day – contents under pressure!

  9. Retail Margin Risk: Step 5: “Over-communicate” With Your Vendor Trading Partners

    In part five of our five part series on mitigating retail margin risks, we will examine the importance of over communicating to your vendor partners and some best practices leading retailers are utilizing today to collaborate with their vendors.

  10. CommerceHub Founder Returns With An Omni-Channel Focus

    Frank Poore had some unfinished business when he returned to the company he founded, and it seems e-commerce is finally catching up to his vision.