Cross Channel Magazine

  1. A New Perspective On MDM

    As mobile devices become indispensible tools to everyone from distribution center employees to customer-engaging store associates, retailers are paying more attention to their impact on the customer experience. As such, they’re paying closer attention to their mobile device hardware investments, increasingly through the deployment of MDM (mobile device management) solutions. That retailers are accepting MDM as a necessity is not surprising; according to our 2014 Retail Tech Spending Survey, mobile POS and non-POS-enabled mobile devices for store associates are our readers’ top two spending priorities this year. Nearly half of retailers call mobile POS hardware their top in-store hardware priority, and close to 40 percent will outfit associates with mobile devices to assist them with inventory and customer-facing tasks like CRM and clienteling.

  2. Migrating To The Cloud

    Cloud computing gives retailers the boost they need to increase sales, satisfy customers, and make better business decisions.

  3. Getting A Piece Of The Global Retail Pie

    Retailers are going global at an accelerated pace, and not just for product sourcing. They are increasingly taking their brands global, and that has presented an entirely new set of challenges.

  4. The Rapidly Evolving World Of Retail Technology

    Retail technology is changing at a breakneck pace, and retailers are struggling to stay ahead.

  5. Location-Based Marketing Is More Than Just Mobile Advertising

    Retailers need to look at their entire media spend to determine how they layer location data and create relevant marketing strategies.

  6. Omni-Channel Fulfillment Enables Rapid Growth

    A fast-growing health supplement manufacturer meets distribution demand with omni-channel order management and fulfillment tools.

  7. The Journey From Brick-And-Mortar To Online Retailer

    This shoe company is experiencing 25 percent annual growth after becoming an omni-channel retailer.

  8. Mobile Security Is Everyone’s Problem

    Here’s some sobering news on the heels of the holidays: 34 percent of smartphone owners didn’t use their phones to make a retail purchase last holiday season, citing security concerns. In fact, 21 percent of smartphone owners wouldn’t use them at all — not even to access non-purchase related retail applications — due to perceived security risks.

  9. Tech Spending 2014: Responding To The Consumer Influence

    2014 retail technology budgets are strongly influenced by consumers’ newfound control of where, when, and how they shop — and how much they pay. The consumer is calling the shots, and the newly empowered CMO is listening. — By Matt Pillar, editor-in-chief

  10. Moving Projects From Wish List To Reality

    Retailers are looking to move forward on projects aimed at the customer experience and omni-channel retailing to increase loyalty, satisfaction, and ultimately conversion.