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  1. BJ’s Wholesale Club Masters Labor Scheduling, Customer Service

    Headquartered in Westborough, MA, BJ’s Wholesale Club operates more than 200 membership warehouse clubs in the eastern United States and employs more than 25,000 Team Members. Known for its membership-based, no-frills concept, BJ’s excels in “delighting its Members,” as Mike Loudon, BJ’s VP of operations support and Integrated Solutions For Retailers’ editorial board member explains.

  2. Managing iOS In The Retail Industry

    Here are useful tips for a successful implementation and maximum ROI.


  3. E-Commerce Key To h.h. gregg’s Reinvigoration

    A new site and digital promotions strategy are cornerstones of the $2.5 billion retailer’s growth plan.

  4. Morphing Doesn’t Just Happen In Hollywood

    In Hollywood, a special-effects team can make a character change gradually right before your eyes, using animations and advanced software and photography techniques. A character may appear to be a normal man at one moment, yet in a matter of a few frames can be morphed into a zombie. This, of course, is fiction, it’s the movies, and winning an Oscar is the goal. Yet in the real world, technologies can morph in a very real way. Take the way wireless phones have evolved, for instance.

  5. Next-Level Benefits In Omni-Channel Order Fulfillment

    Retailers that use omni-channel order fulfillment strategically can capture “lost” demand, allocate inventory more effectively, and build loyalty with their high-value shoppers.

  6. Warehouse Voice Solution Levels The Playing Field For Hollywood Feed

    When this pet food retailer adopted cloud-based voice technology in its warehouse, it reduced pick time, improved quality, and slashed worker training time.

  7. Referral Marketing Drives Double-Digit Sales

    Apparel retailer American Giant measures social marketing impact in real time with its SaaS-based referral marketing platform.

  8. St. Laurent Centre Quantifies Social Media’s Power To Drive Real-World Traffic

    An impressive 30% conversion rate for a 2013 back-to-school contest gave St. Laurent Centre its own prize: a detailed demonstration of social media’s impact on sales.

  9. Supply Chain Compression Drives Growth At Hopkins Golf

    Fast, low-cost, direct-to-consumer custom golfsmithing becomes reality with integrated sourcing, assembly, and fulfillment.

  10. Improved Inventory Accuracy Clinches The Business Case For Item-Level RFID

    A wide range of customer-facing and operational benefits flow from the significant boost to inventory accuracy that comes from item-level RFID.

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