In today's retail environment, you've got to be quick. Quick to go to market first. Quick to have new stores and staff fully functional. Quick to give customers exactly what they want. With Sprint Retail Solutions, you'll be one step ahead of the game with seamless communications at a low up-front cost.

Sprint is more than mobile phones. We provide storefront solutions, such as video surveillance, wireless POS, and 4G speeds for your network. Retailers also are moving to digital signage and media, and Sprint partners with the best in the business to bring the latest digital signage technology to you. Need more efficiency and visibility in your supply chain? Consider optimizing your logistics operations with our supply chain products and services.

Be up and running in no time with Sprint Retail Solutions for supply chain, storefronts, and mobile employees.

Supply Chain Solutions
Improve back end efficiency, communications, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

  • Logistics optimization
  • Inventory control/Loss prevention
  • Simplified communications
  • Speed to market
  • Network security

Storefront Solutions
Open and run your temporary and seasonal stores even faster.

  • POS backup/Speed to market
  • Loss Prevention
  • Enhanced customer experience

Mobile Employee Solutions
Smart ways to facilitate your retail employee communications — whenver, virtually wherever.

  • Network accessibility
  • Unified communications

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