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90% of retailers say they now use video footage for business intelligence purposes according to ESG’s 2013 IT and video surveillance study. Good to know—but why?

A good video surveillance system does more than just record events. It improves your ability to prevent and control them – allowing you to focus on your actual business. With Axis cameras you’re not just deterring robberies. With the additional benefits of IP video you’re improving your business with support for exception-based reporting, workers compensation and accident prevention, operational reviews, and facial recognition capabilities.

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Imagine the perfect store. Your customers are greeted personally as they walk through the door, your displays interact in ways to improve sales, your shelves tell you when items are out of stock, and you have full visibility into your customer demographics, as well as their interactions with products to help with staffing and inventory management.

This is all possible through business intelligence tied to network video. By leveraging video throughout the store, you can create a solution to optimize your merchandising, marketing, and business operations. All while continuing to fight loss prevention by using sharp, high-resolution images that integrate with your systems.

With these types of capabilities, the possibilities are endless. Whether you run a single shop or a whole chain of malls, network video makes a noticeable improvement to your bottom line. The introduction of network video has revolutionized the way retail professionals work with loss prevention, store optimization, fraud detection, security and customer service. Overall, network video can provide you with a whole new set of tools to reach operational excellence.

So, why Axis?

Our products have been installed in retail environments around the world to protect people, property, assets, optimize processes and improve business efficiency. Our aim is simple, but its effects are far-reaching—to help you make the most of network video, giving you the power to fulfill your vision and the potential to expand your horizons.

Let Axis make the difference for you.
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Axis remains the market leader in network video products since it introduced the world's first network camera in 1996. Our award-winning network video products are designed with built-in computers so they do not require a direct connection to a PC or any additional software to stream live video and audio over networks. Simply connect the network video products to an IP network (such as a LAN, intranet or Internet) and view live images from any local or remote, networked computer with a standard web browser.