Integrated Solutions For Retailers Webinars

  1. What Retail Executives Need To Know To Mitigate Security Risks

    Are you concerned about the recent security breaches at U.S. retailers? If so, you’re not alone. One needn’t look any further than recent headlines to understand the severity of cyber attacks today. Unfortunately, these threats are not going away anytime soon. As long as retailers process credit cards, they will be targeted by hackers and, as we’ve seen, even small network vulnerabilities can lead to untold financial damages, squandered customer trust and staff members losing their jobs.

  2. Endless Aisles For Town Shoes

    Retail is all about the customer, but you can't serve the customer without having the right product in the right place at the right time. Town Shoes, Canadian owner and operator of The Shoe Company, Sterling Shoes, Shoe Warehouse, and Freedman Shoes is bridging the gap between online and offline inventory by creating their "endless aisles" and making all products available to every customer everywhere.

  3. How Your Mobile App Can Breathe New Life Into Brick And Mortar

    Michaels Stores, Inc. is North America's largest specialty retailer of arts, crafts, framing, floral, wall décor and seasonal merchandise for the hobbyist and do-it-yourself home decorator. The company also happens to have been highly effective at capitalizing upon the latest advances in mobile technology. 

  4. How Coca-Cola Is Leveraging Cashless Strategies To Enhance Customer Loyalty

    Coca-Cola Vending is rapidly expanding cashless on its vending machines as more and more consumers want to pay with credit/debit cards and mobile wallets. Isis is providing Coca-Cola the ability to extend Coca-Cola's loyalty program, My Coke Rewards, to their vending machines. Consumers are able to pay and get rewarded with a single tap of their phone offering a better overall purchasing experience.

  5. Going Mobile In A Multi Channel World

    Small to mid-size retailers are struggling to compete in a world dominated by the big-box retailers. Tennis Plaza, a 5-location specialty retailer focusing on tennis equipment and apparel, is leveraging new technologies to grow their brand and better the customer experience.

  6. Doing More From The Store Floor

    Featuring: Matt Pillar, chief editor, Integrated Solutions for Retailers, Peter J. Schnorbach, senior director, product management, Manhattan Associates, and Scott Fenwick, senior director, product strategy, Manhattan Associates

  7. Best Practices, Trends, And Money Saving Advice

    Join Ecova Thursday, September 12th at 11:30 a.m. EST as we share winning strategies for optimal telecom contract pricing and terms. GameStop will share how this approach helped them achieve over $1.5 million in annual telecom savings. Click here to register.

  8. DiCentral Vendor Compliance Summer School

    DiCentral's Mary Kleespies and Steve Babbitt will explore vendor compliance best practices in this three-part webinar series. These summer school sessions will answer questions surrounding the benefits of vendor compliance and will highlight the efforts necessary for suppliers to meet retail business and EDI requirements. Click here to register.

  9. The Connected Consumer - Profiling Change And Behavior In Today's Economy

    Today, retailers are experiencing a tectonic shift in the balance of power towards consumers. Armed with mobile technology and ever more information, today's consumer is tearing up long held conventions and can now beat the retailer at their own game. No longer does the retailer have the edge in technology, pricing, and product information. In our constantly connected world, customer expectations around service, value, choice, offers, and customization are constantly evolving, driving new behaviors and previously unseen trends.

  10. 10 Tips For Deploying Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications and in-store tablets are increasingly popular tools for retailers of all sizes. They offer innovative ways to interact with customers and potential new revenue streams. In fact, comScore recently reported that mobile shopping has soared in the past year by an amazing 87 percent, with more than 28.5 million mobile users accessing retail websites and applications in 2011.

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