1. Holiday Tip Sheet: Operational Readiness

    For retailers, the holiday months are the most crucial months of the entire shopping season. Whether you conduct business online, in stores, or both, now is the time to implement your holiday strategy from an operational perspective. Here are the top five best practices to ensure you’re prepared for the most wonderful time of the year.

  2. Brochure: LM Tag™ - Light And Motion Sensor

    The only EAS tag that uses light and motion sensors to detect product concealment.

  3. LM Tag™ - Light And Motion Sensor

    The only EAS tag that uses light and motion sensors to detect product concealment.

  4. A Platform For Diving Into Omni-Channel Retailing

    Consumers are swimming across retail channels at an Olympic pace, and a substantial proportion of retailers today are in danger of being left in their wake. The omni-channel phenomenon has been gaining momentum for decades, but more recently digital systems and mobile shopping have churned the waters to the point that retailers will need to be more agile and adaptable if they intend to keep up with consumer expectations.

  5. Multi-Channel Retailers: Building Loyalty And Affinity Through An Integrated Customer Experience

    Successfully competing in today’s increasingly complex retail environment entails staying ahead of heightened customer expectations.  Historically traditional retailers have enjoyed the advantage associated with tangible merchandise, personal service, and instant gratification.  By contrast, online retailers have offered efficient search capabilities, convenience, and easy access to both habitually purchased and hard-to-find goods and services. By Deborah Eastman

  6. How Improving Vendor Performance Can Yield Higher Retailer Profits

    The relationship between vendor performance and retail profits is inextricable, and improving it yields big wins for both parties.

  7. Holiday Fulfillment 2014, Sponsored By eBay Enterprise

    Hard-to-predict holiday consumer demand can drive a retail merchandiser crazy. In 2013, we saw it drive carriers bonkers, too. And when merchandisers and carriers both lose their grip on demand and fulfillment management, customers are left high-and-dry - like the millions who went to bed on Dec. 24 still waiting for gifts that were "guaranteed" for on-time delivery by the following day.

  8. Do the Math – Minimum Wage Increases And The Service Industry

    If you are like about 1/3 of adult workers today, you probably worked in a restaurant of some sort as a teenager.  Do you think the job you did was worth being paid $10.10 an hour, or even $15 an hour, which is what some striking fast food workers would like to see as their beginning wage? 

  9. Omni-Channel Demand Execution: Bridging The People/Practice Gap

    What does the next generation of store-level omni-channel execution look like? Better data—enabling refined people processes—for bigger profits.

  10. Using Tablets To Transform Retail Experience

    Tablets have been touted as “reinventing” and “revolutionizing” retail. Retailers and consumer-facing businesses have been testing the use of tablets to gain operational and marketing advantages, and they are establishing their place in a changing technological landscape.

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