1. Seamless Integration Closes The Fulfillment Gap

    We live in an era where the consumer demands immediate gratification.  While today’s tech-empowered shopper expects the breadth in product selection and competitive pricing offered by E-Commerce, they increasingly seek to combine the speed and convenience of brick-and-mortar fulfillment.  This fusion, known as omni-channel or in-store fulfillment, has been adopted by major retailers such as Walmart, Sears and Macy’s over the past few years.

  2. Keeping Your Branch Locations Up And Running

    How to maintain critical business continuity for online transactions.

  3. In-Store Analytics Will Change The Face Of Loss Prevention

    We all know that “shrinkage” is no joke – current research estimates that shoplifting and other forms of fraud cost retailers more than a hundred billion annually. And while the use of security cameras for loss prevention purposes is widespread, pinpointing incidents worth investigating can be a painstaking process, and some activities, such as return fraud and “sweethearting” at the register, are notoriously difficult to detect. Is there more that retailers can be doing to combat shrinkage? Hiring more resources to monitor security video and patrol store aisles is not necessarily practical, or even desirable, but technologies for in-store data collection and analysis may offer a better way.

  4. 5 Symptoms That Indicate You Need A New Payment Processor

    1 - When your payment processor forces you to use their own or a specific POS or terminal system, that may not be your ideal choice.

  5. 5 Reasons You Need Faster Deposits From Your Payment Processor

    Get your money faster with Mercury's new Accelerated Funding.

  6. Engaging Shoppers With In-store WiFi

    By the time many retailers started talking seriously about mobility, the “mobile invasion” had already occurred – and it’s quickly reshaping how consumers shop. Forward-thinking retailers moved fast to leverage this trend for greater customer engagement.  For those who haven’t fully embraced mobile, now is the time to get in the game. More than half of U.S. consumers own smartphones, and those who don’t are adopting them at a steady pace.

  7. 6 Steps Retailers Should Take Today To Reduce Out-of-Stocks

    Retailers know that stockouts impact financial performance and customer satisfaction, yet relatively few have measured and implemented solutions to improve their merchandise availability. But that’s changing – quickly and dramatically.

  8. Where Perception Meets Reality: The Omni-Channel Retail Customer Experience

    Lest there was any semblance of uncertainty concerning consumers’ cross-channel shopping behavior (or perceived lack thereof), allow us to eliminate that doubt. CFI Group survey data reveals that virtually everyone is a cross- channel shopper; 95% of consumers—with very little demographic variance—say they frequently or occasionally shop a retailer’s website and store.

  9. Quick How-To: Secrets For Mobile E-Commerce Success

    The mobile market is one of the fastest growing opportunities for retailers looking to drive sales and gain a competitive advantage. People are now spending more time on mobile devices than they are watching TV or on a desktop computer. Goldman Sachs predicts that global ecommerce sales made via mobile devices will top $638 billion by 2018. That’s roughly equal to all global ecommerce sales in 2013. Total online spending in the U.S. grew 14 percent in 2013, compared to single digit total retail spending according to comScore.

  10. Foot Solutions Overcomes Store-Level Data Disparity, Improves Customer Service With POS Solution

    Foot Solutions is a leading international retailer of proper-fitting, comfortable, high-performance stylish shoes, custom and over the counter inserts and technology-driven health and wellness products serving consumers across the globe. With more than 150 stores in 13 countries, Foot Solutions is the world’s largest health and wellness franchise dedicated to foot care.