1. Integrated Solutions For Retailers Digital Edition July 2015

    Integrated Solutions For Retailers Digital Edition July 2015.

  2. Innovative Retail Technologies With Matt Pillar And Erin Harris

    Listen in as Matt Pillar and Erin Harris discuss the exciting changes coming to Integrated Solutions For Retailers.

  3. 3 Ways To Drive An Innovative Culture In Retail

    In this informative podcast, Dave Finnegan, CIO at Orvis, shares with Erin Harris three specific ways to drive a culture of innovation inside the organization and why SMRs especially are in the perfect position to adopt innovative solutions and processes to improve the guest experience.

  4. Application Brief: E-Commerce Fulfillment

    Online Retailers Go Beyond Traditional Automation With Lucas Mobile Work Execution.

  5. Hardware Co-Op Builds Better Service With Lucas Systems

    Do it Best Delivers More Accurate, Efficient Order Fulfillment with a Lucas Mobile Work Execution System Featuring the Jennifer™ Mobile Multi-Modal Picking Application.

  6. Mobility, Compliance, And ROI: Getting The Most From Your WFM Solution

    Studies continue to show that positive employee engagement is a key factor in promoting sales growth, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced turnover. So why is it not a bigger priority for many companies?

  7. A No-Surprises Operations Budget For The Retail DC?

    the modern era of omnichannel retailing delivered the death knell to your father’s retail distribution center. too complex for the lift-truck-and-box-shuffle of yesteryear, today’s omnichannel retail environment demands sophisticated automation to meet the customer’s speed-and accuracy-of-fulfillment expectations.

  8. Partnership Empowers Dunn-Edwards To Drive The Customer Experience

    Peter Girgis, CIO of Dunn-Edwards Paints, discusses how Dunn-Edwards' relationship with EarthLink has helped Dunn-Edwards create a better customer experience.

  9. May Retail Returns Trends & Analysis

    The Retail Equation (TRE) publishes the annual Consumer Returns in the Retail Industry report intended to shed light on return trends and, ultimately, help retailers compare and improve their business processes.

  10. The Pro’s Closet: Professional Biker Turned Entrepreneur

    A professional mountain biker turned entrepreneur, Nick Martin turned passion to profit when he started selling his cycling gear on eBay. In 8 years, The Pro’s Closet has become the largest used cycling store on eBay - enjoying year round sales, no matter the weather - thanks to the ability to sell to cycling enthusiasts all over the world.

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