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  • Streamline Operations With Automatic Deposits

    The days of using an adding machine to total your checks are over, as are the transposition errors and bank fees that come with that manual process. Check processing and delivery practices that require manual entry and armored carriers transporting documents are inefficient – and increasingly cost prohibitive.

Solving Retail’s Need For A Better Deposit Balancing Solution

With the cost of doing business continually on the rise, how can you maintain or increase profitability without raising prices or cutting back on service? Even if you’ve done all you can to lower your cost of goods and labor – are there any potential savings opportunities you have overlooked? There may be at least one.

Schnuck’s Adopts Tellermate's Cash Management System To Cut Operational Costs

Founded as a small corner grocery store, Schnuck Markets, Inc. now operates 100 state-of-the-art supermarkets in the Midwest United States. All locations offer a full line of groceries and most have pharmacies, DVD rental outlets, in-store banking and florist shops.

Cash Management Saves Supermarket Chain 360+ Employee Hours Per Store

Founded as a small corner grocery store, Schnuck Markets, Inc. now operates 100 state-of-the-art supermarkets in the Midwest United States. After a best practice review by a leading consulting firm, Schnuck’s decided to adopt Tellermate's cash management system in order to cut operational costs.

Panda Express Case Study

Panda Express, a privately owned company with more than 1100 restaurants across two continents, serves up thousands of meals every day, resulting in vast numbers of cash transactions.
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  • Tellermate 2000 Coin, Bill, Coupon, And Token Counter
    Tellermate 2000 Coin, Bill, Coupon, And Token Counter

    The 2000 is designed for businesses that want to streamline their cash processes for tighter control, allowing more time for other tasks. It can count a cash drawer (including gift vouchers and tokens) and prepare a bank in a single operation in under one minute. Faster counts enable more audits and checks to be performed, giving managers real-time information that can be swiftly acted upon when discrepancies occur. The 2000 can also connect to a Tellermate printer for production of mini reports that can be signed for accountability, creating a complete audit trail.

  • Tellermate 3000 Connected Coin And Bill Counter
    Tellermate 3000 Connected Coin And Bill Counter

    The 3000 is designed for straight-forward record keeping and reporting of cash management. It can be connected to a PC via USB and will send simple report data into a word processing document or a spreadsheet. Tellermate 3000 Connected Coin And Bill Counter

  • T-i<sup>X</sup> Series Cash Management Solution
    T-iX Series Cash Management Solution The T-iX series is the latest product range in weight-based cash counting technology from Tellermate. T-ix machines are designed to help improve productivity and reduce shrink for groceries, c-stores, restaurants, retailers and other cash-intensive industries by reducing the time and cost of processing cash.
  • Tellermate 1000 Coin And Bill Counter
    Tellermate 1000 Coin And Bill Counter

    The 1000 is designed for businesses that place a priority on optimizing staff time. It can count a full cash register in under one minute, with valuable time savings that enable shorter, more efficient working days where efforts can be focused on tasks that improve your customers' experience.

    MEI CASHFLOW® SC World's leading fixed and multi-width bank note acceptor, widely deployed in self checkout, kiosk self service, retail security and many other global applications requiring high reliability and secure cash storage.
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  • Wincor Nixdorf Announces Updates To Four Products At NRF In New York

    Wincor Nixdorf, a global leader in advanced retail and banking IT solutions, recently announced updates to four of its products that are used by retailers to automate their point of sale, streamline back office activities, and provide consumers with a seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

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  • Tellermate Weight Based Cash Counting Vs. Manual Counting Video

    Tellermate electronic cash-counters save you valuable time. Time you can spend with your customers and managing your business.

  • Inside Intelligent Cash Handling
    Inside Intelligent Cash Handling In this podcast, Ed McGunn, president at Corporate Safe Specialists Fire King, talks to Associate Editor Erin Harris about how cash automation is changing retail. McGunn explains how intelligent cash handling automation can benefit retail, and also he provides advice for retailers looking to invest in cash automation solutions.
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