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  • Anatomy Of A Retail Data Breach
    Anatomy Of A Retail Data Breach

    As data breaches become more common, retailers are under pressure from both consumers and regulatory agencies to build security programs that effectively protect customer data.

In Case You Missed It At NRF: EMV For SMRs

In case you missed the Exhibitor Big !deas session, Ready Or Not, Here Comes EMV — What Small Merchants Should Expect, here’s a recap. Moderated by Tom Pojero, head of U.S. Merchant Acquisition, panelists David Hogan, executive director, Heartland Payment Systems;  Norm Merritt, president and co-CEO, ShopKeep; and Rod Hometh, SVP, market development, Ingenico Group delivered insightful commentary on the lack of EMV knowledge among SMRs.

EMV: What It Really Does For Retailers

In the wake of the massive retail data breaches we’ve seen over the past 12 months, the organizations behind EMV (also known as Chip and PIN or smart cards) have become very vocal in promoting EMV’s ability to secure credit card data. Unfortunately, not everything we’re hearing about the technology is true.

Tips On EMV Conversion

We recently caught up with Catherine Johnston, president & CEO at ACT Canada, about EMV conversion. She addresses our questions about the evolution of the POS and what’s in store for retailers adopting EMV.  

When Disaster Strikes, Will Your Critical Applications Continue To Run?

In a perfect reality, “application and service availability” would be a meaningless term. All business services would run as reliably as the planets orbiting the sun. In our reality, unfortunately, such is not the case. Organizations know that it’s not a matter of if operational events or disasters strike, but when — and how well they’ll respond to mitigate the business impact.

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  • PCI Compliance Services
    PCI Compliance Services Dell SecureWorks offers a full suite of consulting and remediation solutions to help organizations address the demands and challenges of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance. Dell SecureWorks is also an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) and Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).
  • Product Overview: Why Tyco Security Products For Retail?
    Product Overview: Why Tyco Security Products For Retail? With a powerful integration platform, our access control, video and intrusion products work together to provide a onestop security offering. Our technology enables security personnel to manage their CCTV and access control alarms through one graphical command and control center.
  • PAYware Mobile Enterprise
    PAYware Mobile Enterprise

    PAYware Mobile Enterprise pairs your Apple iPod touch® or iPad® with VeriFone’s card encryption reader for on-the-spot sales.  This sleek, battery-powered handheld device supports all forms of payment technology and the highest levels of data security.

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  • 5 Things You Need To Know About Alternative Payments
    5 Things You Need To Know About Alternative Payments

    Jim Johnson, senior VP, retail payments at FIS talks to Erin Harris about the top five things retailers need to know before considering alternative online payment options. In addition, Johnson delivers great data on the type of solution integration/data security measures retailers need to consider before accepting alternative payments.

  • Secure And Synchronize Your Data
    Secure And Synchronize Your Data Retailers encounter both tremendous benefits and palpable risks as they continue to connect with multiple sources (i.e. partners, suppliers, stores, employees, etc.).
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