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  • In Case You Missed It At NRF: EMV For SMRs
    In Case You Missed It At NRF: EMV For SMRs

    In case you missed the Exhibitor Big !deas session, Ready Or Not, Here Comes EMV — What Small Merchants Should Expect, here’s a recap. Moderated by Tom Pojero, head of U.S. Merchant Acquisition, panelists David Hogan, executive director, Heartland Payment Systems;  Norm Merritt, president and co-CEO, ShopKeep; and Rod Hometh, SVP, market development, Ingenico Group delivered insightful commentary on the lack of EMV knowledge among SMRs.

  • EMV: What It Really Does For Retailers
    EMV: What It Really Does For Retailers

    In the wake of the massive retail data breaches we’ve seen over the past 12 months, the organizations behind EMV (also known as Chip and PIN or smart cards) have become very vocal in promoting EMV’s ability to secure credit card data. Unfortunately, not everything we’re hearing about the technology is true.

  • Avoiding Analysis Paralysis
    Avoiding Analysis Paralysis

    Three Easy Steps for Migrating to IP Video.

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RFID’s Omni-Channel LP Advantage

RFID’s Omni-Channel LP Advantage

Omni-channel retailing exposes retailers to a host of opportunities to lose track of merchandise. What mitigates that risk better than RFID?

Behind The AP Stats: Demolishing Silos

Behind The AP Stats: Demolishing Silos

The ISR Tech Spending 2015 survey reveals how AP/LP teams continue to break down departmental silos with their solutions spending decisions.

Information Is A Catalyst For Clarity In Retail

Information Is A Catalyst For Clarity In Retail

Integrated video delivers the clear information retailers need to identify a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

What’s Next For AP Technology Integration?

What’s Next For AP Technology Integration?

According to Tim Fisher, director loss prevention at T-Mobile, big data, cloud computing, CCTV, and more are all complementing technologies that can be leveraged to improve outcomes for multiple parties in the organization.

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  • Active Shooter - Common Sense And A Senseless World
    Active Shooter - Common Sense And A Senseless World

    Until recently I didn’t give much thought to the topic of “active shooter.” In truth, the idea of a lengthy conversation seemed unnecessary. It appeared an investment in a discussion that pertained to a rare occurrence in the retail environment.

  • Loss Prevention And The Holidays
    Loss Prevention And The Holidays

    It is that time of the year! Black Friday begins the maddening rush of shoppers focused on grabbing those all important sale items to wrap and joyfully relish as they are opened and appreciated by friends and family.

  • Managing Management During Investigations
    Managing Management During Investigations

    Managing a business is a very personal experience which engenders many emotions conflicting with the investigation of workplace issues.  Being aware of the consequences of these emotions can help manage the pace and outcome of the inquiry.

  • Panera Bread's LP Approach — Eliminate Temptation And Opportunity
    Panera Bread's LP Approach — Eliminate Temptation And Opportunity

    We have seen the role of the loss prevention (LP) professional change from one of “company police” to an integral part of a successful business. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Levitt, LPC, CPP, asset protection with Panera Bread, to discuss how he is handling the evolving role of LP professional.

  • Is Ronnie Working In Your Company?
    Is Ronnie Working In Your Company?

    Your institution houses private information for your clients, but what would happen if that information fell into the wrong hands? An information breach not only affects the clients whose information is leaked, but diminishes the integrity of your institution. What should you do to minimize or even prevent the probability that a breach will occur at your business?

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  • Security Management: How Retailers Can Take Charge
    Security Management: How Retailers Can Take Charge

    Integrated Solutions speaks with Steve Sell, director of marketing North America, Tyco Integrated Security, about how retailers can juggle the installation, support, and management of all the various security systems they need today.

  • IP Video — Not Just For LP Any More
    IP Video — Not Just For LP Any More

    There are so many things to consider when protecting your business — from article security to access control and many other things. They all impact the retailer’s bottom line. Starting with intrusion, access control and fire detection, many retailers face fines due to false alarms, and not to mention the fact that manpower is wasted brining in managers to check on the alarms.

  • How IP Video Benefits All Of Retail Operations

    Retailers are notoriously slow in migrating to new technology, but there has been a huge push towards IP Video lately. This is evident in a recent case study with Saks Fifth Avenue in the June issue of Integrated Solutions for Retailers Magazine.

  • IP Video — Not Just For Big-Box Retailers

    Retailers of all sizes can benefit from the advancements in IP video. Whether it’s analytics or reduced infrastructure costs, IP video presents one of the most cost-effective solutions for retailers of all sizes. Here, Bob Johns, editor of Integrated Solutions For Retailers magazine and RetailSolutionsOnline.com, talks with Hedgie Bartol and Jackie Anderson, business development managers in retail with Axis Communications, to discuss the benefits of IP video for small and mid-size retailers. Feel free to listen to the podcast or read the text-only version.

  • Are You Ready For IP Video Surveillance?

    Tyco Security Product’s Senior Product Manager, Video Management Systems and Analytics, Dave Jackson talks to Erin Harris about the security and cost benefits of IP video surveillance. Jackson also advises retailers who may be interested in migrating to IP how to accomplish this even while they are still using their analog technologies.

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Tech Spending 2015: The Any-Channel Revolution Takes Shape Tier 1 Best Practices On An SMR Budget LP's Vital Role
Tech Spending 2015 SMR Supplement Loss Prevention's Vital Role In Retail
In 2014, retail investments focused on the consumer experience. In 2015, retail technology spending will meet shoppers’ collective calls for seamless engagement in any channel. New technologies are helping small to midsize retailers understand their business better and are leveling the playing field with the big retailers. By leveraging technology along with training and development, LP shares data that benefits the entire enterprise.

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Loss prevention solutions for retailers include alarm monitoring, cash management, data security, EAS and RFID solutions, exception reporting, video analytics, and video surveillance. Alarm monitoring includes services and solutions that allow retailers to monitor and control different alarms that may be triggered by their security systems.

Cash management solutions encompass all available technologies that allow retailers to better manage cash in their stores including bill counters, safes, cash drawers, deposit solutions, and more. Data security solutions are systems designed to prevent unauthorized access to data retailers transmit both internally and externally.

EAS and RFID solutions include RFID tags, RFID readers, automated solutions, and more. Exception reporting solutions encompasses solutions that select and highlight events or objects that are different from what is expected or critical.

Video Analytics solutions provide automated and manual analysis of video streams to detect and prevent unwanted behavior in retail environments. This can include abnormal employee activates, theft, unauthorized access, and more. Video analytics can also be used to analyze customer movements and actions inside a store to better control traffic flow and determine store layouts. Video surveillance is an integral part of video analytics and consists of the physical cameras and control systems required to capture video in a retail environment. Solutions include CCTV cameras, IP / network cameras, DVRs, data storage systems, camera control software, servers, and more.

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  • Evaluating Training Programs
    Evaluating Training Programs Walter explains the four-level "Kirkpatrick Model" that is commonly used in the evaluation of training programs within the performance and human resources industry. This model is also helpful in the design phase of a program because it can assist you in articulating your program goals in each of the four levels.
  • Levers Of Performance
    Levers Of Performance There are multiple factors that affect business performance and managers often push on only one or two of them in an effort to improve an employee’s performance. In this episode, Walter walks us through eight dimensions or "levers" of performance that must come together for desired behaviors, performance, and results to occur.
  • Video Series Part 1: Awareness vs. Performance
    Video Series Part 1: Awareness vs. Performance In this on-going series of video podcasts, Walter Palmer, President of PCG Solutions, will discuss key considerations when developing a training and education campaign within your organization.
  • Video: Introducing The ThreatMetrix Fraud Network Watch this video to learn more about the ThreatMetrix fraud network.
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