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  • How Mobile Bridges Physical And Electronic Commerce

    Mobile is more than just a sales channel due to its potential to dramatically enhance the shopping experience for consumers, associates and managers—both on- and offline. In order to be successful, retailers must deploy mobile solutions in the context of a broader cross-channel strategy.

Is It The Carrot Or The Stick For Customer Retention?

I love to hate airlines. I feel like an indentured servant always working off my rewards and benefits. All airlines are all the same to me and I have clawed my way to gold or platinum on every one of the major airlines over the last twenty five years.

Google Glass – Spare The Hate And Spoil The Promise

It’s human nature to fear the unknown. While a few brave pioneers will valiantly traverse unchartered waters, as a whole our species will pick up pitchforks versus embracing that which is new and different. Case in point; Google Glass. The wearers already have derogatory terms in place, Tumblr sites are already showcasing demographic disparities in its wearers, and everyone has written off this moonshot project before it has even hit the Launchpad.

Mobile POS And Promotions Drive Growth For This Top Tennis Brand

Florida tennis afi cionados are familiar with Tennis Plaza, the retail brand that’s dominated the tennis market there for the past decade with fi ve stores; one apiece in Miami, Aventura, and Doral and two in Orlando. The retailer has also expanded its reach through its site at, which consistently ranks nationally among the top five e-commerce sites for tennis gear.

QlikView on Mobile: Beyond Reporting

This QlikView White Paper addresses the market for mobile BI (business intelligence) and QlikView’s unique approach to delivering insight on the go. There is a fundamental difference between providing predefined reports and visualizations with limited data on mobile devices, and enabling true Business Discovery for mobile workers.

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  • WAVE Communicators
    WAVE Communicators

    Twisted Pair’s WAVE ® software simplifies communications for enterprises of all sizes by removing technology barriers to seamless interoperability. Unique for its software-only approach and compelling for its unmatched functionality, flexibility and performance, WAVE connects and extends the IP-centric enterprise and the mobile workforce using two-way radio systems, smartphones, desktop IP phones, PCs and industry-standard unified communication and collaboration applications.

  • Motion J3600 Tablet PC
    Motion J3600 Tablet PC

    The J3600 is tough enough to survive harsh mobile work environments, making your mobile job more productive. For the strongest, brightest, most viewable display, choose the Motion View Anywhere® display with Corning® Gorilla® Glass.

  • HughesON Optimized Networks
    HughesON Optimized Networks

    Turn your network into the high-performance engine you need to power your business. HughesON™ is a suite of managed solutions that help you empower your network—and your business—with new, cutting-edge technologies available only from Hughes.

  • Toshiba TCxGravity
    Toshiba TCxGravity

    Toshiba TCxGravity represents a new class of point-of-commerce solution that makes the store a seamless extension of a customer-centric, “omni-channel” experience—an evolution of cross-channel retailing that finally empowers consumers to buy anywhere, get anywhere and return anywhere.

  • Dayforce Mobile
    Dayforce Mobile

    The Dayforce commitment to cutting edge technology means we are constantly improving access and streamlining the user interface across platforms and devices.

  • MaaS360 For Retail
    MaaS360 For Retail

    MaaS360 for Retail is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) that offers a multitide of features, visibility, flexibility, and automated controls to manage corporate and employee devices in a single, cloud-based solution.

  • Mobile Surveys From CFI Group
    Mobile Surveys From CFI Group

    Smartphones are quickly becoming the preferred method for online browsing and communication for many of your key customers. According to Microsoft research, mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. Are you ready?

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