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What Makes QlikView Unique

“What is special about QlikView? How is it different from other software?” Some who ask these questions have experience with traditional BI (business intelligence) reporting solutions and want to understand QlikView in that context.

Tracking The “Next Big Thing” In Retail Technology

The challenges of managing retail self-service projects given the rapid progression of in-store technology.

Reinventing The Store For Omni-Channel Retail

An innovative solution that transforms the point-of-sale (POS) and helps turn brick-and-mortar stores into fully connected portals for omni-channel commerce.

Social Business Discovery: Optimizing Decision Making

BI software has long been touted as the route to insight and better business decisions. But powerful business insight comes not just from data, and not just from what one person sees and thinks. It comes from the combination of varied viewp

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  • Skorpio™ | X3 Mobile Computer
    Skorpio™ | X3 Mobile Computer

    Equipped with the largest high-visibility color graphic display (3.2 in) with touch screen in its class, the Skorpio™ X3 mobile computer helps users work more efficiently.

  • VeriFone GlobalBay
    VeriFone GlobalBay

    VeriFone GlobalBay is leading next-generation mobile retail software that significantly enhances retailer-to-consumer interaction. Our patented technology platform generates tangible ROI by driving store traffic, increasing units per transaction (UPTs) and improving the in-store consumer experience.

  • Cell Phone Charging Station
    Cell Phone Charging Station

    Add value and drive incremental sales with mobile device charging stations. Consumers can plug in their mobile device to this convenient charging station to stay connected.

  • PAYware Mobile Enterprise
    PAYware Mobile Enterprise

    PAYware Mobile Enterprise pairs your Apple iPod touch® or iPad® with VeriFone’s card encryption reader for on-the-spot sales.  This sleek, battery-powered handheld device supports all forms of payment technology and the highest levels of data security.

  • NetSuite Retail Anywhere Mobile POS
    NetSuite Retail Anywhere Mobile POS

    Incorporate the power and functionality of a traditional retail POS workstation into a mobile device to service customers anywhere at any time. Conveniently conduct sales transactions, secure payments and print customer receipts. From the mobile device, sales associates can review customer information, perform item look-ups while on the sales floor, determine quantity on hand and even locate out of stock items in order to “save the sale”.

  • Voice Services
    Voice Services

    EarthLink Complete™ Voice offers advantages such as increased productivity, cost savings, geographic flexibility and disaster recovery. Explore more information about the EarthLink Complete™ Voice product family by clicking the links below.

  • Stratos™ 2700 Series Bioptic Scanner/Scale
    Stratos™ 2700 Series Bioptic Scanner/Scale

    The Stratos™ 2700 from Honeywell is their first hybrid bioptic in-counter scanner, combining omnidirectional laser scanning and integrated area-imaging to provide a platform for bar code reading optimized for the checkout experience.

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