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  • It Is ALL About The Customer!

    My favorite subject is the customer. I have spent many years in the retail IT business, but most of what I talk about is my observations about retail from a consumer point of view. What makes me qualified to blog and consult isn't my 30 years in retail IT; it is my passion to look beyond the hype questioning fact from speculation.

How Brick-And-Mortar Retailers Can Win The Omnichannel Battle

This white paper from Motorola Solutions takes a look at the recent trend of forward-looking retailers to integrate the worlds of in-store and online shopping, communications, and sales through the use of wireless mobile technology.

Is It The Carrot Or The Stick For Customer Retention?

I love to hate airlines. I feel like an indentured servant always working off my rewards and benefits. All airlines are all the same to me and I have clawed my way to gold or platinum on every one of the major airlines over the last twenty five years.

What Makes QlikView Unique

“What is special about QlikView? How is it different from other software?” Some who ask these questions have experience with traditional BI (business intelligence) reporting solutions and want to understand QlikView in that context.

How To Combat Showrooming With The Mobile Associate

In-store remains the number one place where consumers make their buying decisions and purchases. Wider adoption of mobile technology and greater use of truly customer-centric applications will prove an essential tool in preserving the strength of the in-store channel against the growth of online, mobile and omni-channel competition.

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  • Mobile Development
    Mobile Development

    Your content is everywhere – on smartphones, tablets, e-readers, laptops or desktops - and iAPPS is built to make you look good on all of them. 44% of the U.S. online population (or about 107 million consumers) ages 8-64, owns a smartphone and uses it daily - up from 31% in 2011

  • MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management
    MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management

    MaaS360 Mobile Expense Management is designed to help companies gain the visibility needs to keep mobile data costs down and prevent unnecessary expenses through proactive monitoring and notifications.

  • MaaS360 Secure Document Sharing
    MaaS360 Secure Document Sharing

    MaaS360 makes document delivery to mobile devices secure and simple with an easy-to-use enterprise document catalog providing control, security, and access.

  • WAVE Communicators
    WAVE Communicators

    Twisted Pair’s WAVE ® software simplifies communications for enterprises of all sizes by removing technology barriers to seamless interoperability. Unique for its software-only approach and compelling for its unmatched functionality, flexibility and performance, WAVE connects and extends the IP-centric enterprise and the mobile workforce using two-way radio systems, smartphones, desktop IP phones, PCs and industry-standard unified communication and collaboration applications.

  • NetSuite Retail Anywhere Mobile POS
    NetSuite Retail Anywhere Mobile POS

    Incorporate the power and functionality of a traditional retail POS workstation into a mobile device to service customers anywhere at any time. Conveniently conduct sales transactions, secure payments and print customer receipts. From the mobile device, sales associates can review customer information, perform item look-ups while on the sales floor, determine quantity on hand and even locate out of stock items in order to “save the sale”.

  • PAYware Mobile Enterprise
    PAYware Mobile Enterprise

    PAYware Mobile Enterprise pairs your Apple iPod touch® or iPad® with VeriFone’s card encryption reader for on-the-spot sales.  This sleek, battery-powered handheld device supports all forms of payment technology and the highest levels of data security.

  • Cell Phone Charging Station
    Cell Phone Charging Station

    Add value and drive incremental sales with mobile device charging stations. Consumers can plug in their mobile device to this convenient charging station to stay connected.

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