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  • The Challenges Of Mobile Broadband

    Supporting continuous broadband satellite connectivity to mobile devices is challenging. While mobile satellite services at lower satellite frequencies (L-band in particular) have been available for some time, these services tend to provide lower rates of speed (less than 400 kbps) and tend to be very expensive as they are charged on a usage basis. Satellite broadband using higher frequency services, such as Ku-band, can provide more bandwidth at a lower cost. But the very nature of these higher frequency services presents a significant challenge for the mobile terminal.

PCI Compliance: Protect Your Business From Data Breach

Retail businesses are particularly vulnerable because of the volume of credit card information, the fact that this information is distributed among many locations, the lengthy amount of time it can take them to detect a breach, and the often inadequate staff and safeguards they have in place.

The Benefits And Challenges Of Operating Pop-Up Stores

For those in the retail industry, in which consumer confidence is critical, a recession can drive revenue plummeting. Consumers struggling with fears of job loss, depleted income, increased debt, or other financial concerns, will spend less in stores on luxury and non-priority items. The longer the recession, the tighter consumers cinch their belts. For retailers, effective response to these circumstances is critical.

How Network Operations Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Today’s pharmacies offer an abundant array of medical and healthcare products, personal care items, household products, and photo processing services. Most drugstore chains also have online stores, and some even house medical clinics to treat common illnesses and minor injuries. In order to provide the best customer service, pharmacy retailers need a robust network that can support fast and secure credit card transactions, efficient back office systems, and today’s high-bandwidth applications.

Is Your Network Ready For The Retail Store Of The Future?

The world of retail is changing at a rapid pace. Is your retail strategy changing in parallel?

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  • Are You Maximizing Your Mobile Potential?

    Mobility is making a huge impact on how retailers deal with everything from inventory visibility to customer experience — with the ultimate goal of increased sales.

  • The 2013 Annual Resource Guide To Loss Prevention

    Retailers are collaborating to fight the rising level of retail crime through LP/AP organizations and by leveraging the huge amount of data new LP/AP technologies supply to benefit operations, sales, and the bottom line. See how the latest technologies are enabling this in The Annual Resource Guide To Loss Prevention.

  • The Death Of The Channel-Purist Retailer

    “Channel segmentation is dangerous business in the age of cross-channel consumers’ high expectations.”

  • Overhauling IT At BevMo!

    Over the course of 24 months, BevMo! leveraged big data and cloud computing to rebuild its entire IT enterprise from the ground up.

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  • EarthLink Retail Solutions
    EarthLink Retail Solutions

    A wave of innovation in retail technology provides opportunities to enhance the way your customers engage while increasing employee productivity and strengthening PCI compliance. But how do you upgrade your stores without driving up costs? EarthLink Business® can help you get more from your IT and communications infrastructure with solutions tailored to store size, application needs and seasonal changes.

  • PCI Compliance Solutions
    PCI Compliance Solutions

    EarthLink Business PCI Compliance Validation allows you to verify your level of PCI compliance with easy-to-use, Web-based tools.

  • Private MPLS WAN
    Private MPLS WAN

    EarthLink Business understands one size does not fit all. EarthLink MPLS allows you to choose from a variety of access types to design a private networking solution that works for each of your locations. We offer a cost-effective and efficient way for you to connect locations on a service platform that is scalable and flexible with a high level of security.

  • Voice Services
    Voice Services

    EarthLink Complete™ Voice offers advantages such as increased productivity, cost savings, geographic flexibility and disaster recovery. Explore more information about the EarthLink Complete™ Voice product family by clicking the links below.

  • Cloud Hosting Services
    Cloud Hosting Services

    Reduce your IT operating costs and simplify your server complexity, while gaining flexibility and agility through virtualization with EarthLink Cloud Hosting. Our Cloud Hosting service provides a user-friendly vCloud Director Portal that allows you to create custom Virtual Machines (VM) and on-demand applications. The EarthLink Cloud Architecture leverages highly available firewalls, multiple connectivity options and Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructure to deliver highly redundant on-demand computing power.

  • Backup And Disaster Recovery
    Backup And Disaster Recovery

    An affordable cloud based server that replicates your primary server environment and can be quickly scaled to fully replace your primary servers to get your business back up and running.

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  • EarthLink Business At NRF 2014: Hosted Voice

    For many retailers, omni-channel is about ensuring a consistent experience from the Web to mobile devices to the physical store. But what about the phones? What’s the experience for customers who call in, and what can you do to improve it – increasing sales in the process?

  • EarthLink Business At NRF 2014: Wi-Fi

    80% of consumers already use mobile devices in stores to enhance the shopping experience. Wi-Fi allows you to engage those customers when they’re in your store, and also provides valuable data for analyzing shopping behavior.

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