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Why Mobile Holds The Key To Omni-Channel Retailing

Why Mobile Holds The Key To Omni-Channel Retailing

Here are the four things retailers need to consider when adopting mobile technologies to boost their omni-channel operations.

RFID’s Value In Omni-Channel Inventory Management

RFID’s Value In Omni-Channel Inventory Management

Item-level visibility stretching from supply chain to store shelf boosts sales and profitability.

On-Site Search Critical To E-Commerce Growth

On-Site Search Critical To E-Commerce Growth

Improved accuracy for on-site e-commerce search has helped Ben’s Cycle and Fitness accommodate its customers’ unique shopping needs.

Inside The Evolution Of

Inside The Evolution Of

An innovative combination of email and video marketing as well as top-notch customer service and order management helps achieve 40% year-over-year growth.

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  • Key Considerations For Warehouse Automation
    Key Considerations For Warehouse Automation

    In this interesting podcast, ISR's Executive Editor, Erin Harris talks to Jeff Hedges, president, material handling at OPEX Corporation about the vital role automation plays for retailers. Hedges paints a realistic picture about the hidden costs of automation, especially for retailers considering their first-time investment. "[E-Retailers] need to appreciate the on-going costs of running automation after the investment," explains Hedges. "I don't see that as a reason or an excuse or justification for not investing in automation, but we've realized that we need to convey to companies that are investing in automation for the first time that there is an expected cost associated with maintaining your automation; there is an expected change in your energy draw; and there is specialized training required for your maintenance staff." Listen in as Hedges delivers thoughtful insight for any retailer considering automation inside the warehouse.

  • Simplifying Mobile Technology Adoption: 3 Tips For IT DMs
    Simplifying Mobile Technology Adoption: 3 Tips For IT DMs

    Dave Crist, senior VP, sales & marketing at Brother Mobile Solutions joins ISR's executive editor, Erin Harris, for an actionable discussion on how the global adoption of mobile technologies is changing retail. Crist explains Brother Mobile Solutions' role in the next generation of mobile printing technology in retail, which includes helping IT decision makers to make sense of the ever-evoloving mobile technology environment. "We avoid layering the sparkley, new technology on top of an old, tired process. That spells disaster in terms of adoption and ROI ...," states Crist. Listen in as Crist talks mobile technology's affect on the IT decision maker as well as the store-level associate.

  • Merchandise Fulfillment Advice That Works

    Merchandise fulfillment is a hot topic and one of the keys for retailers looking to have a strong omnichannel initiative.  In this podcast, we'll discuss how asset tracking and fleet management help ensure proper fulfillment, the latest technologies that can help retailers leverage and manage their fleets, how increased visibility into tracking enables retailers to gain efficiencies and keep the right products available to customers across all channels, and — finally — getting employee buy-in without looking like Big Brother.

  • What Oracle Can Teach Retailers About Any-Channel Fulfillment

    In our Supply Chain Execution 2014 report, "Making Any-Channel Fulfillment Profitable," RSR analyst Nikki Baird asserts that a fundamental problem with today's retail supply chain is that it's still decidedly a store-based model. We speak with Mike Johnson, Solution Director, Supply Chain for Oracle, about his take on this stance.

  • Leveraging Analytics For Omni-Channel Success

    Integrated Solutions speaks with Mark Krupnik, CEO of Retalon, a company that provides retail predictive  analytics solutions, about how retailers can leverage analytics to help with their omnichannel initiatives, including best practices you can apply today.

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Mobile In Retail: Reality Sets In Owning The Customer Experience: The CMO's New Role WFM 2014: Bridging The Execution Gap
Mobile In Retail: Reality Sets In Owning The Customer Experience: The CMO's New Role WFM 2014: Bridging The Execution Gap
With brand-new, digital paths-to-purchase, retailers are absorbing what those changes mean to their businesses — step up or get left behind. Industry reports confirm that the CMO must take ownership of the customer experience as shopper behavior and new technology transform the retail industry. In an age where big data analytics are baked-in to labor management software tools to enable retailers to execute on that data, can we be doing better?

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