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The Role Of HCM On The Path To The Purchase

The path to the purchase is changing. As consumers leverage new channels and influences to inform their purchase decisions, the retail workforce—and the systems used to manage it—must change, too.

Product Design: Don't Stop At The UI. The UX Wins Users

User Interface vs. User Experience - When it comes to UI and UX design, not one size fits all.

Infographic: How To Keep Pace With New Customer Demands In Stores

This Infographic from NEC addresses shoppers buying behaviors in five key areas retailers are facing today.

WFM: Stores Catching Up With Technology

Legacy systems replacement and SaaS adoption are driving a retail workforce management solutions refresh.

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  • Infor Enwisen Workforce For Hospitality
    Infor Enwisen Workforce For Hospitality

    In the hospitality industry, few things have more impact on the bottom line than the way a company manages its workforce. After all, in the typical hospitality company labor represents more than 50% of operational costs and is one of the fastest growing expenses. But it’s not just a question of finding ways to control your largest expense.

  • AccuTouch USB
    AccuTouch USB

    With AccuTouchUSB technology at your fingertips you can explore great new possibilities - biometric authentication is now as easy as a finger touch.

  • Infor Enwisen Workforce Labor Scheduler
    Infor Enwisen Workforce Labor Scheduler

    With constantly changing customer demand, the need to comply with government regulations, union requirements, and internal business policies like overtime scheduling, time off and vacation bidding, scheduling and labor deployment is a complex challenge.

  • Dayforce Mobile
    Dayforce Mobile

    The Dayforce commitment to cutting edge technology means we are constantly improving access and streamlining the user interface across platforms and devices.

  • Infor Enwisen HR Service Delivery - Onboarding
    Infor Enwisen HR Service Delivery - Onboarding

    Provide a Better New-Hire Experience ... with Fewer Steps ... and Lower Costs.

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  • RaceTrac Reaches Workforce Management Deployment Milestone With Empower Software

    RaceTrac and Empower Software Solutions have announced that an important milestone has been reached in the rollout of Empower’s workforce management solution, EmpowerWFM within the RaceTrac store network.   As of February 28, 2014, all 365 RaceTrac locations are now utilizing EmpowerTime, the time and attendance product from the EmpowerWFM solution suite.

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  • Altering The Future: Deciding Employee Benefits

    The employee benefits industry touches the health and financial security of nearly all Americans—and employers are a trusted source of health and financial information. Harnessing that opportunity could create unprecedented results for our people, our companies and our country.

  • Overcoming Operational Challenges With Workforce Management Technology
    Overcoming Operational Challenges With Workforce Management Technology

    Retailers face many challenges concerning their workforces. Managers don’t have the time they need, there aren’t enough labor hours in the day for the store to meet its goals, employee turnover causes scheduling nightmares, and on and on. In this exclusive podcast, we talk with Joe Olson, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Workforce Management, Empower Software Solutions, about how technology can be leveraged to erase those challenges.

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