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  • Modell's Sporting Goods Reduces Time Spent Scheduling By 77% With WFM Solution
    Modell's Sporting Goods Reduces Time Spent Scheduling By 77% With WFM Solution

    As Modell’s experienced continued growth in the United States throughout the last decade, a number of business needs were identified that couldn’t be satisfied with their existing workforce management solution. Visibility was nonexistent, in terms of how stores were spending their payroll, and there was also no capability to calculate the ratio of sales to non-sales related activity in stores. In terms of scheduling, visibility was also limited.

BJ's Wholesale Club Achieves Centralized Control And Wall-To-Wall Scheduling Capability With WFM Solution

Tremendous growth and continuous expansion for the company brought on new kinds of HR and operational challenges as systems became older and outdated, while the number of employees increased. Separate systems were being utilized for time and attendance and labor management, requiring the development of an interface to share data across the two platforms. Clubs did not have wall-to-wall capability for comprehensive labor forecasting and scheduling using different staffing requirements, policies, and standards, which is considered a necessity with the growing number of employees and needs in today’s retail world.

Omni-Channel Demand Execution: Bridging The People/Practice Gap

What does the next generation of store-level omni-channel execution look like? Better data—enabling refined people processes—for bigger profits.

The Role Of HCM On The Path To The Purchase

The path to the purchase is changing. As consumers leverage new channels and influences to inform their purchase decisions, the retail workforce—and the systems used to manage it—must change, too.

Product Design: Don't Stop At The UI. The UX Wins Users

User Interface vs. User Experience - When it comes to UI and UX design, not one size fits all.

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  • WFM’s Effect On Driving Traffic
    WFM’s Effect On Driving Traffic

    If your 2015 goal is to convert traffic into revenue, you will need to evaluate your WFM (workforce management) and task management strategies to achieve it.

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  • Infor Enwisen Workforce
    Infor Enwisen Workforce

    Critical to the success of virtually all companies is controlling labor costs in ways that maintain productivity, customer service levels, and compliance. It's a balancing act. You can't succeed if you only focus on minimizing the cost of your labor.

  • Dayforce Employee Assistance & Wellness Programs
    Dayforce Employee Assistance & Wellness Programs

    The Ceridian LifeWorks family of employee assistance and wellness solutions is designed to help empower your employees to become healthier and more productive. By adding LifeWorks resources to your benefit offerings, you can show your dedication to your employees’ wellbeing and work-life balance, while improving their productivity and retention.

  • AccuTouch USB
    AccuTouch USB

    With AccuTouchUSB technology at your fingertips you can explore great new possibilities - biometric authentication is now as easy as a finger touch.

  • Infor HCM
    Infor HCM

    Infor™ HCM offers the industry’s first and only unified platform. It offers a revolutionary service delivery model that allows you to select just the processes you need, or an end-to-end-solution, all delivered to maximize access and business insight, and to help you achieve breakthrough performance.

  • Kronos Consulting Services
    Kronos Consulting Services

    Whether you’re just beginning your Kronos journey, thinking about an upgrade or looking to get more out of the investment you’ve already made, you’re going to need help.

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  • Altering The Future: Deciding Employee Benefits

    The employee benefits industry touches the health and financial security of nearly all Americans—and employers are a trusted source of health and financial information. Harnessing that opportunity could create unprecedented results for our people, our companies and our country.

  • Overcoming Operational Challenges With Workforce Management Technology
    Overcoming Operational Challenges With Workforce Management Technology

    Retailers face many challenges concerning their workforces. Managers don’t have the time they need, there aren’t enough labor hours in the day for the store to meet its goals, employee turnover causes scheduling nightmares, and on and on. In this exclusive podcast, we talk with Joe Olson, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Workforce Management, Empower Software Solutions, about how technology can be leveraged to erase those challenges.

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